Professor Swag

To all those young brothers out there that are experiencing symptoms from depleted swag levels or possibly those who never had swag in the first place and just wont admit it, you have come to the right place. If you want to learn something new, you have come to the right place. Even if u think u are good in the swag department, you can never have enough swag, but if you do please share some with us.

Some of the main symptoms of Lowswag or Noswag include: decreased self esteem, trouble securing dates, poor etiquette, no ambition, laziness, unflattering fashion and runny nose. Perhaps you should take care of your nose first.

Otherwise, we would like to you to give a warm welcome to Dr. Swag who has been enlisted by us to help with those symptoms as well as discuss a long list of general topics.

Dr. Swag will cover things like, dressing, dating, social graces (Don’t Drink the Finger

Bowl), conflicts, attitude, cars, sports, school/colleges, trades, and last but not least, women (give them respect and make them earn yours).

So get ready to get your swag up and have a few laughs!

Dr. Swag is the embodiment of all the those men with style, skills, manners, strength and wisdom, that have vowed to pass on all they know to others. Dr. Swag has a doctorate in swagology and is a consultant and counselor.

Its good to be a Strong Wise Assertive Gentleman.


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