“PROFESSOR. SWAG” – Fellas: Impressing a Date

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It’s time for that first date and you want her to tell her friends “it was the best I ever had!” Guys, focus! We’re just talking about the date. Anyway, in case you are not sure how to go about it or you just want to step your game up, the following are some tips to help you out. And no, they don’t require brainwashing her by overplaying track 1 on Drakes 1st album.

First, I would like introduce you to the “Aggings Principle“. Always remember to say NO the 3 “Aggings“. Most classy, intelligent women absolutely hate these. NO Bragging, NO Sagging, NO Dragging!

What do they mean? Glad you asked!

Well NO Bragging should be pretty self explanatory.

There is no problem with talking about yourself and your wonderful accomplishments. You might even think that you are the s***. That’s just great. She definitely wants to get to know who you are, but do it modestly and make sure you take a breath to let her talk. If you find that you are talking about yourself longer than 10 minutes straight, I suggest u find the nearest roll of tape and apply it generously over your mouth. Repeat if necessary.

That being said, remember to stop and ask about her and her interests. She will let you know when she wants to know more about you. In fact you will usually get more points showing interest in who she is and being a good listener. Let the conversation flow and don’t force anythingyou have plenty of time to find out about each other. That’s the fun of a date.

NO Sagging is relatively straight forward too.

This part deals with your attire. I am not going to give a lecture about pulling your pants up or telling you exactly how to dress. Dr. Swag never lecturesjust gives experienced advice. You can wear your pants over your head or around your ankles if you desire and don’t mind getting fined for indecent exposure. Possibly you think that your a** is your best feature and you want show the world how pretty you think it isthat is entirely up to you. However, I am certain that it will limit you in life, whether it is dating, getting a job, or running away from an attack dog. I would hate for you to lose out on that dime piece with the masters degree, not get the job or get mangled by Old Yeller because you are using your jeans as ankle warmers. Most levels of sagging is definitely a swag killer. No one is suggesting you do the Urkel Dance, but do yourself and others a favor and pull them up to a decent level.

As far as clothing, dressing modestly is preferred, unless it’s a formal affair. Learn how to use an iron or go to the cleaners, which means no wrinkled clothes. Wear a pair of slacks or nice jeans and a button up. A blazer is a nice touch, if the weather permits. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions. So do your best to impress. If you need some ideas check these links. There will be more on dressing in later articles.

So what the heck is NO Dragging?

In this case, NO Dragging means don’t drag you a** when it comes to making decisions and plans for your date. Being unprepared is usually a recipe for disaster. Even if you want to just go with the flow, always have a plan of action just in case you need it.

You can choose an activity you both would enjoy or pick something unique that would create a memorable experience. You can definitely ask her what she would like to do. If she says, “Whatever you want to do,” ask once if she’s sure, then tell her what you suggest. The 1st activity usually works to break the ice.  Follow the activity with some good food. Everyone loves great food. Avoid lonely restaurants or other remote places. Pick places you can talk and create fun new experiences together. You can keep it simple and safe by doing the dinner and a movie, but if you want to be different check out these suggestions for unique date ideas.

Some other important things to remember deal with being a gentleman. Please don’t forget to open doors for ladies, assist them into and out of cars or other vehicles. Hold the chair as they are seated at a table. If you are traveling on a public conveyance (train, bus, taxi), you step off or get out first, then turn and offer your hand to assist her exit.


Yes, it probably is, but being a Strong-Wise-Assertive-Gentleman will give you true swag and put you in a class of your own. Times have changed, but some things don’t change. It’s kind of like playing in for NBDL versus stepping your game up and playing for the NBA. Be better than the rest and she will remember that 1st date forever.

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