Cullen Jones

Who said black people don’t swim! That’s like than saying white men can’t jump. Birdman thinks that stereotypes are ridiculous…and so does Cullen Jones!

Today Cullen Jones swims fast like he was forever finding Nemo, but it wasn’t always that way. His first encounters with deep water involved him almost drowning and requiring resuscitation at the tender age of 5. Promptly after his near death experience his mother got him swimming lessons. The rest is history.

He holds U.S. record in the 50m of 21.40 seconds. He won 1 gold and 2 silver medals in 2012 Olympics. He also was the first African American to break a swimming world record. What really cool about this guy is that he likes to give back. He created a for-profit initiative to drive awareness and the growth of swimming within minority communities throughout the country and really enjoy teaching kids how to swim. Take a look at these interviews done by Fox Sports and CNN.

Also check out his website and Olympic profile:

Tell us about the time you learned to swim or your most memorable experience in the water.

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