About Us


Black Community Connection aims to link the Black community with information that promotes excellence and empowers the next generation to consistently develop positive growth and change within themselves, their communities and the world.

Our Philosophy

We are currently living in a fast paced, technologically advanced era, where we are constantly bombarded with information from many different mediums. Unfortunately, many of the influential messages and images that effortlessly reach the masses are often not as enlightening and positive as we would hope. This information effects all people, but has an even greater effect on the impressionable minds of youth. An issue arises when these youth get lost when trying to seek positive and enlightening information that pertains to them. In many cases they may not know what to look for, where to start, or that they should even be looking at all. Although there is no easy way to limit negative influences and useless information, we can make great progress, as a community, by counteracting the negative with the positive.

Black Community Connection strives to inspire through knowledge of Black history and heritage and empower through targeted information useful for individual and communal success. We plan to have fun, while simplifying the process of finding important and credible information so more time can be spent advancing our knowledge and succeeding. We discuss topics of relevance to black communities as we use materials from the past and present to look toward the future. We intend for these discussions to circulate positive, empowering and progressive energy in Black communities.

The Black Community Connection aspires to learn from you and the discussions we have about a wide range of topics and current affairs relevant to Black people and Black communities. However, information from Black Community Connection is relevant to all people from all walks of life and everyone can benefit from it. We can all help each other to become better by working together!